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Why Us?

We have a vision--A vision of a health care revolution in this country. The current healthcare model in our country just doesn't work for prevention and wellness. It is "sick care," not "health care." It focuses on treating sickness instead of preventing it. There are many misconceptions of what chiropractic is and does. It is our mission to educate the world on what true health is--one patient at a time.

Big Mountain Chiropractic offers an alternative approach to helathcare, based on the age-old practice of restoring balance by promoting your body's ability to heal itself. Predicated on the vision that quality of life can be improved through routine chiropractic care, we not only treat pain and injury, we allow your body to optimize your own health by getting to the cause of your problems not just covering up your symptoms.

We challenge YOU to join us on this quest for health.

Call to schedule a consultation and let us show you how Big Mountain Chiropractic can help you achieve full body health and wellness.

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